Akkukierrätys Pb Oy

Akkukierrätys Pb Oy is a producer organisation established by battery importers. We take care of the producer responsibility for lead-acid batteries on your behalf. Akkukierrätys Pb Oy is the only producer organisation approved in Finland for lead-acid batteries used in vehicles and industry.

Become member?

As a member of Akkukierrätys Pb Oy, you can take care of the producer responsibility for lead-acid batteries as required by the Waste Act.

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With its partners, Akkukierrätys Pb Oy has organised a nation-wide collection network and battery recycling on behalf of importers in accordance with environmental legislation. By joining us, your company can be sure that your producer responsibilities are taken care of correctly and reliably. Member companies only need to report the number of batteries imported – Akkukierrätys Pb Oy takes care of everything else. Join us.

Collection network for batteries

The collection network for lead-acid batteries covers all of Finland. You can bring your used batteries to the collection points for free.

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Recycle discarded lead-acid batteries reliably, effortlessly and for free. We have listed all operators that accept lead-acid batteries on the www.kierratys.info service. The service also includes information on the recycling of other types of waste. Find your nearest collection point for lead-acid batteries at www.kierratys.info

Producer responsibility

Producer responsibility means that importers are responsible for the waste management related to the products they have released on the market.

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: Batteries, accumulators, vehicles, electronic equipment, and a few other product groups are defined as falling under producer responsibility in the Waste Act. This means that the importer or manufacturer of the products (the producer) is responsible for the waste management related to these products, instead of the holder of the waste or the municipality.  The producer responsibility for batteries applies to all batteries and accumulators, regardless of whether they have been imported as such or inside new or used equipment or vehicles.

tons of collected batteries per year

recycling efficiency of lead

recycling efficiency of lead batteries