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Battery collection points

The collection points for lead-acid batteries are available to all consumers and other users so that discarded lead-acid batteries can be recycled as easily and effectively as possible. A functional collection and recycling system ensures that financially significant raw materials can be re-used sustainably. Find your nearest collection point at under ‘automotive batteries’.

The collection points for lead-acid batteries include waste collection stations, collection points for hazardous waste, battery sellers, car services providers, scrap dealers, the premises of Akkukierrätys partners and their own partners. At the collection points, the lead-acid batteries are usually placed in acid-resistant plastic boxes.

Only lead-acid batteries may be placed in the recycling points for lead-acid batteries. If you are unsure, please ask the staff of the recycling point for help. Tips for identifying battery types: you can identify lead-acid batteries by the Pbmarking and lithium batteries by the Li marking.