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Battery recycling

Of all lead-acid batteries collected in Finland, some are recycled in Finland by Suomen Akkukeräys Oy, while some are taken to recycling plants in other countries, such as Boliden in Sweden and Ecometal in Estonia. Shipping used lead-acid batteries always requires a waste shipment permit granted by the Finnish Environment Institute. All contract partners of Akkukierrätys Pb Oy have the relevant environmental permits and shipment permits for collecting, recycling and shipping used lead-acid batteries.

At the recycling plants, lead-acid batteries are taken apart into container plastic, soft plastic, lead and battery acid. Of these, nearly 80% can be recycled, depending on the recycling process. As much as 96.8% of the lead can be recycled. It is mostly used in the production of new lead-acid batteries.

Akkukierrätys Pb Oy does not trade the batteries in its recycling system. Discarded batteries can be taken directly to the collection points in our system. For larger amounts, you can agree on collection directly with our partners.

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